Marta Mądry

Marta Mądry

Circus performer and trainer


Spend time creatively and actively! Learn to use hula hoops in a way you have never known them before. Get away from your everyday life and try out aerial hoop, silks and hammock. Find a new passion, combining dance, gymnastics and acrobatics. Improve your coordination, strength, mobility, and flexibility – all of it with the help of an experienced circus arts trainer.


Workshops on a recreational and professional level for children, teenagers and adults.

Individual or group hoop dance or aerial arts classes for children, teenagers and adults at various levels. Suggested length: 60 - 120 min. Workshops available in Polish, English or German.


A mix of strengthening and stretching exercises, with the addition of dance and gymnastics elements.

Exercises are based on the classical dance, yoga and gymnastics techniques, supplemented with knowledge from the field of anatomy. These workshops are meant for people with basic gymnastics abilities, and can be taught in Polish, English or German.


Stage shows

Hula hoop manipulation and aerial acrobatics shows.

Incredible fusion of lights, music and dance, which shows the flexibility, strength and beauty of human body. Experience a magical aerial show, filled with gymnastic moves performed high above the ground! It is also possible to customize the shows by choosing the costumes, music, etc.

About me

Circus performer and circus arts trainer.

Judge at national and international aerial competitions and choreographer.

She specializes in hula hoops, aerial hoop and movement in general.

Constantly searching for something new.

over 1000 students

Contests and awards

2nd prize, the special prizes of Centrum Nowego Cyrku CBK Fama and Kolektyw Kejos at Incydent Polski 2021/2022 for creation of the spectacle Ex-Libris (Lublin),

2nd prize and the special prize of the Krystallpalast Variete at the Eastern European contemporary circus contest Cyrkulacje 2019 (Lublin/PL); finalist of the same contest in 2017,

Krystallpalast Newcomershow 2019 (Leipzig/DE) finalist,

3rd prize in the Aerial Hoop Professional category at the Vertical Fit Championships 2019 (Wrocław/PL).

Cooperation with schools


Halle/Saale, DE

Aria Arte



Emona Studio



Akademia Avatara



Akademia Everest


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On stage since 2011. She performed and taught in Germany, England, Italy, Czech, Austria and Saudi Arabia.

Hoop manipulation

Unusual act with three hoops used in a creative and non-classical way mixed with a variety of dance styles.


LED hoop

Dynamic act where a novel technology of pixel props is used, where a programmable LED hoop changes colors and displays visual images.

Aerial hoop – classical

Classical and dynamic solo act on an aerial hoop, where you can admire dexterity, strength and elegance. Duo act is possible.


Aerial hoop – characteristic

A non-classical, theatrical act on an aerial hoop with an additional prop – a book. The act is an adapted extract from the Ex-Libris spectacle.


An aerial silks act with an unusual atmosphere, inspired by jungle.



Delightful acrobatic act with magical atmosphere, filled with dance elements performed on a hoop.It is a perfect solution for when there is no possibility of rigging aerial props – lollipop is a stable platform placed on the ground, with a pole and a hoop, similar to an aerial hoop, attached on the top of it.

Ex-Libris (spectacle)

Minimalistic spectacle about passion and limits present in society. The project was created with the support of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów within the Incydent Polski project.



Co-author of the blog

Co-author of the biggest Polish blog about hooping. Author of articles on creating shows, the history of hula hoop, fire safety, and interviews, among others.

The first hula hoop teacher training in Poland

Creator, organizer and one of the instructors on the first hooping teacher training. The first edition took place in 2020.

Project EYCO

Participation in an exchange of circus arts trainers from whole Europe. The main focus of this exchange was to adapt the innovative LCL teaching model to teaching circus disciplines.

Variete – Wrocław

Participation in an exchange of circus arts trainers from whole Europe. The main focus of this exchange was to adapt the innovative LCL teaching model to teaching circus disciplines.



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